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Welcome to goalgamiPro

goalgamiPro is a diagnostic tool that helps the advisor construct a household balancesheet as a first check for client goal plan affordability. The tool fills a need for advisors that are looking for a quick assessment tool with concise output to augment quarterly/semi-annual/annual investment reviews without having to run a comprehensive financial plan(with its 70 page output).

Join other advisors that have used goalgamiPro to
    Improve efficiency by reducing planning time
    Strenghthen client relationships by inviting clients to the planning process through the innovative Collaboration Connect Client portal
    Generate leads by using the goalgamiPro marketing seminar
For just $995/year capture a snapshot of the entire financial picture of a household with the Household Balance Sheet, and deliver a series of one-page reports providing client-focused answers to the client's most important questions.

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